*psycho bubble records

personal (2009)

The idea behind this series derives from a time when I was young, disillusioned and poor. I spent a lot of my time buying and selling music at a local second hand record shop, until my record (or audio tape, to be precise) collection was depleted completely. I valued music above food at this time, as it kept my soul high despite my circumstances.

Recently, I had begun to think about this time again; the whole idea of the need to have our soul nourished during difficult times, so we can hold to our core beliefs in the face of adversity. I wondered about the idea of a magic music shop, that only appeared during times of hardship, where you would find music that could change your life in amazing ways. As a result, ‘psycho bubble records’ was born. I created six album covers, all featuring music of somewhat mystical powers. Upon the 6th purchase, Psycho Bubble Records disappears and with it, so does the pain.

Photography, personal, Mixed Media, music, psycho bubble